FXCM’s minimum deposit for regular retail account holders and non-EU traders is $50, while regular EU account holders are required to make a minimum deposit of £300/€300. Both minimum deposits apply to other trading currencies in their equivalent sums. FXCM has created an online marketplace of apps to support its Trading Station platform. FXCM account holders can download these apps and customize their trading experience. For UK and EU traders only, the FXCM demo account functions like the live trading platform, except that traders are given £50,000 practice credits to test out the functionalities of the platform. This FXCM review gives an overview of the broker as a company, the FXCM platform, and the trading products offered to traders.

Trading Platforms at FXCM

Long-term or discretionary traders may also like this account as the simpler cost structure compared to a commission account can make trading easier. The FXCM Standard Account has a minimum requirement of $50 (depending on payment method) when making an account deposit. When trading, you will still need to meet initial margin requirements to open trading positions. fxcm review Virtual private server hosting provides traders with a non-connected virtual machine to run automated algorithmic strategies, including expert advisors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Virtual private server hosting has the advantage of never suffering connectivity issues and has extremely low latency due to its proximity to major international currency exchanges.

  1. The following table summarizes the different investment products available to FXCM clients.
  2. Just keep in mind that there is no guarantee on how the trading signals will perform and historical performance is no reflection of what will happen in the future.
  3. Keep in mind that the demo account is only available in a limited number of countries.
  4. Our research team conducts thorough testing on a wide range of features, products, services, and tools (collecting and validating thousands of data points in the process).
  5. FXCM offers a wide array of algorithmic trading tools and premium signals, a technical analyzer, trading analytics, and social trading via Zulutrade.

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I prefer the desktop platform as it has the most functionality and supports automated trading. I think MT4 is an excellent choice of platform for anyone who wants to develop their own trading strategies for both manual and automated trading. It is very easy to use with a fully customisable user interface that makes trading online a breeze. Keep in mind, when you trade on FXCM’s MT4 platform, the execution, trading features, and settings may vary from that of the flagship Trading Station platform.

FXCM Broker Fees

It can do everything that I need it to and much more, from complex market analysis to automated trading. That being said, each platform is good in its own right with different advantages and disadvantages that we will cover in this section. FXCM Group is a global leading provider of online Forex, CFD and other trading related services. With this in mind, FXCM’s mission is to provide increasing levels of quality pricing, transparency and execution services to its traders. Founded in 1999, London-based Forex Capital Markets or FXCM is a major international online forex and contracts for difference (CFD) broker that also provides spread betting and related services.

Fees and Spreads

We are much thankful for you taking the time to evaluate our service, Raj K! We put great effort into ensuring that our clients are assisted promptly and effectively, and we are glad to hear that this was the case with your experience with Daniel as well. Our team is always happy to help, and we always appreciate when our clients make the interaction mutually pleasant. This company can be trusted, and legit, and credit card payment works.

This unique partnership and platform enable you to conduct code free strategy automation just by typing your idea. I like how you can easily create, test and automate trading scenarios using everyday English. Power up your trading with easy, intuitive and code-free automation. From managing your daily trades to building complex automated systems, with Capitalise.ai you can automate your own trading with zero code. Use the Capitalise.ai app to manage your trades on the go; edit, stop or automate new trading strategies, all from your iPhone or Android device.

FXCM to deliver on the client’s requirement of fast order execution with no slippage, competitive pricing and no re-quotes. FXCM can be compensated in several ways, which includes but are not limited to adding a mark-up to the spreads it receives from its liquidity providers, adding a mark-up to rollover, etc. Commission-based pricing is applicable to Active Trader account types. The Active Trader account uses a tiered commission structure which means the more you trade, the lower your commission cost will be.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you experienced with FXCM. We’re investigating the matter to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Your feedback is important, and we’re committed to improving our service.Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It’s https://traderoom.info/ was a great experience in terms of how fast they identify the problem and quickly give different solutions. FXCM’s in-house education is above average, and primarily takes the form of articles, videos, and content produced for its FXCM YouTube channel.

The customer service representatives are very professional and respond quickly. Users can contact customer support via email, live chat, and phone. The news feed is very good and users can also use an economic calendar. That way, users can specify what they are interested in, and receive news accordingly. FXCM’s daily newsletter, Before the Bell, provides helpful info and daily trading ideas based on the market analysis of FXCM’s experts.

These regulatory bodies enforce strict financial standards on FXCM, including capital adequacy requirements, and have the right to fine firms and terminate their regulatory status for violations. Accounts with FXCM are also segregated in accordance with client money rules, providing added protection for client funds. FXCM ranks among the most competitive brokers industry-wide, especially for high-volume traders using algorithmic trading solutions. They offer traders the possibility to customize trading platforms, and FXCM offers 35 free plugins. FXCM offers floating spreads, but without the price improvement, average ones can be somewhat high.

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